Last year was a succesful one competition wise so putting in some links to the results and image galleries so have a look.

Thought I might not bother this year but can't resist.

Also another link to another interesting feature in Metro and the mail plus a link to a course I'm running later in the year in Norwich for anyone interested in learning about what I do.

I have a request for any pathologists or medics who know pathologists about getting some help identifying some human histopathology images that I'm desperate to colour and add to my library. Unfortunately I need to identify these accurately before I can caption them. Anyone willing to have a go please contact me at  and I'll email them through.

Would be really grateful for any help,  I know it's a big ask but I'll happily donate to a good cause for help.

Finally a link to where you can see some of my images and other great scienc images if you're in London or there for a day out.

Thanks to all who visit and enjoy my site.

Steve G

Saturday, March 18, 2017 By wcu_admin