Images of flu and NK cells

Existing SEM flu images are few and far between and are often disappointing and inaccurate. Very much like my last blog I have again been very fortunate in being able to work with Professor Wendy Barclay, at Imperial College, one of our top experts on influenza. Our resulting images have again surprised us showing ultrastructure never seen before plus the huge morphological diversity of the flu virus from its many genera.

Also included in this latest image collection are some early images of natural killer cells (NK)  from collaborative work with Professor Mala Maini at UCL.

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SEM HIV images

I’ve always wanted to do some SEM HIV images as felt those available were often disappointing or inaccurate.

I’ve been very fortunate therefore to have had the opportunity to work with Professor Greg Towers and Jane Turner from the University College of London Virology department.

These new images represent the results of this collaboration - view the gallery here.

I believe they are a spectacular result of the ability of scanning electron microscopy to show science in action.

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The One Show

Just time to say I was on the one show last Friday on BBC 1 at 7pm.

A feature about hay fever with lots of nice images.

Only a couple of days left to watch if you're interested.

Please tell your friends, my 5 seconds of fame.

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Partners in Crime

To produce a variation in the colouring of my images the photolibrary employ outside artists to occasionally colour my images. A new gallery shows how this can produce an image that is often quite different from those I colour. Cesar Pava and Annie Cavanagh are the two great artists who add a new dimension to my work.

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A New Year

I've failed miserably to update my web site but at last I have time for four new image galleries.

Diatoms, my favourite SEM subject plus some organisms found with them.

Bugs, New and interesting bugs plus  a new look a some old favourites.

Body, A look at some new body related images, some normal and some more unpleasant.

Nanotech, not all really nanotechnology but a microscopic look at some new innovations.


After nine very happy years working with my great colleague David McCarthy he has done the right thing and retired.

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Mini monsters an iPad app with lots of my bug images has been out a couple of months and is proving pretty popular with good reviews...

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