Steve Gschmeissner

Steve Gschmeissner is one of the leading scanning electron microscopists in the world today. In the late 1990s he taught himself to colour using Photoshop and subsequently created an extraordinary collection of over 3000 pictures, covering specimens ranging from diatoms to cancer cells to new materials. His work is published globally in every conceivable type of media, including books, magazines, TV, advertising, record covers and most famously adapted by Damien Hirst in his biopsy series on the Cell. 

Steve began his career in the more traditional role of an electron microscopist at the Royal College of Surgeons and later at Cancer Research UK . His training in the scientific environment informs his work with a deep understanding of the science behind the image.  This knowledge, combined with a strong visual awareness of what makes an outstanding, oftentimes breath taking, image has won him numerous prestigious awards from the Royal Photographic Society, The Royal Microscopical Society and Spot on Micro.

​​​​​​​- Rose taylor, Director SPL


For my work to succeed I need a constant supply of new samples. I’ll look at just about anything that will fit inside an SEM and supply great images in return. I’m happy to consider any interesting SEM collaborative projects from professionals and amateurs alike.